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The Girl in the Steel Corset

The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross

I enjoyed it and I'll read the rest of the series (provided they don't turn into absolute crap) because I thought it was pretty fun, regardless of silly plot points and some annoying character quirks.

Some of those silly plot points were painfully predictable 

Leonardo? Garibali being the Machinist and *snorts* his plan was so...I just...


I about died laughing when they confirmed my suspicions that that was indeed his plan.

(show spoiler)



Annoying character quirks were mostly concerning Finley, who was fine except I didn't much care for how her "darker side" was written. Maybe it is because I detest anything that repeatedly has anything to do with a "darker side". Why? I don't know. And her involvement in that stupid love triangle, mostly because why the bloody hell would you even consider Jack Dandy?? Idiot. But at least she wasn't going round kissing both of them(or any of them, actually...) And she had the decency to berate herself.

Please stop describing Emily's hair as "ropey". Is it dreadlocks?? 'Cause that's all I can envision. In any case, you describe her hair a lot and it's getting annoying. Find a different word. Or just stop describing her hair.

And wait...there's another love triangle?? THERE'S TWO OF THEM?!Remind me again why I'm reading these? There's also Sam/Emily(these two please)/Jasper. Why would you give us one love triangle, let alone two? But hey, at least it's not a love hexagon. Small mercies.