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Thorn Abbey

Thorn Abbey - Nancy Ohlin

*DNFd at 100 pages*

Now I've never read Rebecca, or seen an adaptation, but I do know a tiny itty bit from SRB's parody of it, which is 9856% better than this. However...

This was just plain bad. Our main character, Tess, is vapid and about as deep as your average kiddie pool. Her main, and apparently only, concern is Max and how much she wants to be with him, because he's...hot? She'd be fabulous with him and help him to "move on" past Becca, never really minding the fact that he appears to actually be torn up about her death and is seriously mourning her. Tess doesn't seem to actually care about Max as a person but only as someone that could be with her. Also, she's sorta creepy and stalkerish. And obsessive. *shudder*

Devon is...well, frankly, not someone I would ever want as a roommate or, to be honest, an acquaintance, really. 

Max is boring. I know he's mourning Becca and stuff but...eh. I couldn't really care about him as a character. Not that I really cared about any of these people as characters.

Franklin wins any positive awards to be presented to this book, and even he wasn't that great. 

Rebecca's so-called "hauntings" thus far were completely underwhelming.

And the writing is nothing to write home about either.

Big fat pass.

*Keep in mind that I did only read the first 100 pages, so if Franklin plays a bigger role or Tess progresses to the deep end or Becca starts actually being a scary ghost or you know, anything like that, I wouldn't know.