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The Ask and The Answer

The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness

This will probably make no sense. Click at your own risk.


Evil-superhuman-nearly-impossible-to-defeat villains.

It's a trend.

And I'm getting sick of it.

But beyond the Mayor and his twisted sick self, the whole bloody town PLANET is filled with sick twisted disgusting individuals. Apparently, Todd, Lee, Wilf and like maybe two other guys ON THE ENTIRE PLANET are the only men with any integrity with regard to women. And maybe that's the point. But it's so depressing.

But Todd. I don't quite know how I felt about him in this one. I spent most of the book cursing him, though for what I'm not exactly sure since I kept going back and forth from liking him to wanting to punch him. It was hard to place my displeasure in him, but I'll give it a go.

Todd saved 1017 for Viola, which is all well and nice, but that's saying that he would have killed 1017...for basically no reason. So you didn't kill someone for Viola aaaand this is supposed to make me like you? I mean, bravo, good job on not killing 1017, but it kinda sucks that you would have killed him, if not for Viola. So, yes, Viola is good for you and makes you a better person, phenomenal, but you, Todd, I don't really like you all that much.

"Todd, I've come to save you-"
"No. I didn't have to think about nothing-"

You know what? Yeah, that pretty much summed it up. OF COURSE it's easier to not have to think or worry or stress about anything. And by the end of the book I finally saw how Todd got to that point where he had stopped thinking, stopped caring, practically, about anything. (Excepting Viola, of course.) But I was too ticked off at him. But I look back now and think "Why?". Because Todd really did fairly well, all things considered. He's not perfect; that's the point. I wouldn't want him to be. So why am I so annoyed when he acts like this? Maybe it was sitting through hundreds of pages of Todd doing whatever the Mayor told him and banding thousands of Spackle and just sitting there, being numb to everything. I get it, I do. Doesn't mean I like it.

And really?? "The boy who can't kill." Excuse me?? He's already killed someone. I don't think you can use that to describe Todd.

Viola, darling. Just do what you do. You're doing great.


Davy?? I ended up liking poor poor deluded Davy? I'm as surprised about this as the Egyptians were when it snowed last year in Egypt. Maybe more so.

The other issue I had was that the writing, which I got used to in TKONLG, grated on my nerves way more in this one. It was interesting and different and fit in the first but felt here like it was being overused, especially Todd's use of parenthesis.

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So, at the moment, I'm not holding out a lot of hope for Monsters of Men.