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Tokyo Heist

Tokyo Heist - Diana  Renn
The perfect mystery for fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society!

All I can to that is....

As someone who loves thieves and heists and everything that that usually entails, this was entirely disappointing.
Not only was the heist un-compelling, our MC, Violet, and sidekick, Reika, jump to conclusions and are entirely obsessed with manga(which MUST be brought up at least 5 times every chapter so the reader does NOT forget).

Their whole story screams unbelievability; two girls with absolutely no previous experience and who are, quite frankly, naive and silly, manage to crack an international art heist and catch the thief?? Not to mention that the FBI and the Yamadas are totally okay with divulging important information about the heist and the thieves and the sting to Violet, who is 16.

Yeah, no.

To top that sundae with a cherry, Reika is boy crazy, which can apparently also apply to 32 year old men that she attempts to hit on and Violet makes darling comments sometimes, ie, "Whoops. I'd forgotten how much littering is frowned upon here." as she throws a wad of paper into the water.

And Edge, the only character I was interested to know more about, got almost zero page time. Alas.

Still, it was nice to see a book focusing on the two best friends, Violet and Reika, and shoving the romance storyline to the side.