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Just Like Fate

Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young

I guess the issue here was that I hated the "Stay" half of the book and couldn't care less about the "Go" half. So for the "Stay" half, while I appreciated that fact that Caroline resented some of her worst choices,

*cough cough* Hooking up with the asshole Joel. I did like that that particular event was played like it was a bad thing. She regretted it, she regretted being around him (though for the love of God, Caroline, why the hell didn't you dump his ass earlier?) and it does partially show how something like that can, essentially, ruin you in one ways than one. But ARRRGH he deserved so much worse than he got. The way their relationship ended really bugged me. It was basically a complete brush-off, like there was nothing there to even talk about.

(show spoiler)

 she bothered me so much that even when she wasn't acting like a hormonal idiot, I still didn't like her. But it wasn't even a proactive hate, it was more of an

I didn't like her but I couldn't even be bothered to hate her. Ugh. Waste of time and trees and my life.

As for the "Go" half, while I know that it did end up well for her and

former womanizer Chris,

(show spoiler)

I didn't care about them and their relationship at all. And since there is essentially no plot outside of Caroline's relationships to people and the only one I actually enjoyed reading about was the relationship between her and Debbie, her step-mom, which we got practically nothing about, it didn't matter to me that they ended up together and she "made the right choice".

Not even mentioning that this was basically Pivot Point but crappier and without the plot twist. Or much of a plot.