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Let's Talk About Nico

The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

I have some words to say about this boy and his latest character development.


[spoiler] We find out in HOH that Nico is gay and apparently has been since way back when he was introduced in the the PJATO series. Oh, and he's been crushing on Percy. *AWKWARD* Not that I can blame him. And he dislikes Annabeth for being Percy's.

 When I first found out, I was a bit miffed. And confused. Mostly confused. Apparently, he liked Percy pretty much from the beginning. That means that he was, what, EIGHT?!  Not only that, but you don't just have a character and then BAM slap "GAY" on them! It isn't done!! Okay, maybe some authors do it and laugh gleefully as they do so. Looking at you, Maggie. When it comes out of nowhere is when it truly bugs me. You're not being clever by introducing it later in the series. Just come right out and say it.


It's also how they're written. Nico is well-written in this, even if I'm still confused where the heck this character device even came from. He exacts sympathy from not only the characters around him* but the readers. He's a broken boy, in so many more ways than one. You want him to be happy, even if he's seemingly determined that he never shall be. But somehow it still niggles of being thrown in merely to be PC and have a token gay character. Is it that way? Probably not. I read Rick's answer as to why he wrote Nico this way. It was a good answer, certainly. Still, I can't help but have thinkity-thoughts. 


 *When Frank finds out, suddenly he's defending Nico at every turn and telling the others not to be so harsh or mean to him. Oookay. So when you thought Nico was just moody, broody, and sullen and straight, then you could say things about him and tell him to lighten up, but the second you find out he's gay so he CLEARLY has a reason for being moody, broody, and sullen, then you must be kind and protect him from everything. Seriously?  Part of the reason why I was disappointed that he is gay is  because that seems to be the answer to why he's so dark. I thought, silly me, that there was something deeper behind it. Or maybe it was just his personality, but apparently it's ALL because he's gay, which we had no previous hints or clues about earlier. Narrgh.  


Nico is one of my favorite characters in this series and this development is no deteriment to him, provided that Rick writes him well in this last book. Every development for every character has the potential to be truly awful if it isn't handled well, so I can only hope that everything turns out for the best. I hope that this benefits Nico's character and the reader's perception of him. I don't want to have to throw my copy of "The Blood of Olympus" against the wall.