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The Always War - Margaret Peterson Haddix So it was okay.

I found the writing to be juvenile. The characters one-dimensional and bland. The plot, while sometimes the aspect of humanity's stupidity as a whole to be realistic, was extremely silly and seemed to me to be easily fixed without so many lies and pain.

It didn't grab me. I didn't really care what happened to the characters. Meh.

Dek was by far the most interesting and, guess what? She's 10, I think. She's sassy and super smart. What's up with that?

The entire plot was that the entire war was a fake. Everyone was lied to. Money was being completely wasted. And nothing could be done about it? That was far too stupid for my mind to comprehend. Why? What was the point? WHY couldn't anything be done FOR 75 YEARS?! People were dying in the factory that disassembled and re-assembled and disassembled and re-assembled and disassembled and re-assembled bombs because of crap conditions. There was no economy anymore. People were depressed. Their entire lives were lies. Everything was a lie. And for what? NOTHING.

*gives up*