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Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders, #3) - Brandon Mull That was it? *sigh* It went a little something like this:

Jason: *watches baboons fight*

Rachel: He's sooo weird. I like him.

Everyone: Hey, let's split up.

Jason/Rachel: *awkward hug*

Book: *informs me over and over that what they're attempting is impossible*

Characters: *inform me that it's not impossible but incredibly improbable and that most of them will die by the end*

Characters: *run around*

Plot: *drags on*

Me: *bored*

And then the end....

Characters: Most of us are dead.


Jason: Corrine is hot.

Corrine: *looking fine*

Rachel: I'm going back home.

Jason: Bye!

Corrine: I've never said much of anything, I just looked pretty for most of this entire book, I cannot even be bothered to say goodbye.

Jason: *writes a paltry excuse of a letter to his parents*

Rachel: *takes it back home*

The end.

Me: WHAT?!