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The Awakening  - Kelley Armstrong Genetic experiments run by the misguided-meaning-well-but-backfired-when-certain-people-got-a-little-power-hungry-and-more-than-a-little-turned-around-in-their-thinkity-thoughts. Playing God is never a good idea. You would think these villains know that by know. It ALWAYS backfires in some way and in order to fix what they've done, the death count is increased, people's lives are ruined, and things in general go down where it be hot. When the experiments failed, the children were terminated. At the end of the first book, Chloe is captured by Edison Group and being held in a facility to be a lab rat. In this installment, secrets are revealed about Edison Group, a few more deaths, a trusted friend unwittingly betrays our gang of protagonists, Liz helps(a lot), Tori's specialty is revealed, trust is frayed between some of the characters, Chloe escapes her prison(pretty early on), and everyone is on the run for most of the book. On their way to find Andrew and Kit, if possible. All new thrills and chills in the second installment in the Darkest Powers trilogy. I loved that Chloe is a smart character, without being a know-it-all. Her sarcastic narration made it enjoyable to read. By the middle of the book, I was shipping Derek and Chloe. Derek is really very sweet and those two seem to understand each other better than Chloe and Simon. They hang out more and seem like they're better for each other. At least in my opinion. Quite good. Recommended especially for fans of the good kind of paranormalsupernatural(Sam and Dean, anyone?)genetic modification. Reminds of X-Men a littlle.