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The Council of Mirrors - Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson The ninth and final book of the Sisters Grimm series. A semi-satisfying conclusion. This series is a fun, but equally serious at times, look at fairytales and if all of them were true. Fairytale characters, also known as Everafters, are stuck in a small town called Ferryport Landing. An evil group called the Scarlet Hand. An Everafter war. And a family of Grimms. Awesome. Very punk rock. Love Mr. Canis and Red. Their characters and story is great. The Wicked Queen and Snow White's story was absolutely brilliant! Reminds me of the show, "Once Upon A Time" because of the whole fairytales are real, the characters are stuck in a small town. Props, Mr. Buckley, for thinking of it first. Also reminds me a little of "Grimm" but much more light and fun. On another note: Poor Bradley:( i thought that the ending could have been handled better; but oh well.