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The Seven Towers - Patricia C. Wrede I liked it well enough but some of the main characters could have a been a little more interesting, it was not all that exciting and the ending was anti-climatic. There are seven characters that really come in play and the book is narrated by two of them. I enjoyed Eltiron's narration far better than Jermain's. Between all these characters and a few more thrown in, the characters must deduce and take risks in who they can trust. The greater enemy than those humans that cause minor annoyances is the Mathlych. The Matholych has appeared only six times that are known previously. It eats magic and could very well destroy most of the Seven Kingdoms. There are Seven Towers that are tied inexorably with the Matholych. Can Eltiron, Vandaris(Vandi!!), Jermain, Amerglas, Crystalorn, Ranlyn, and, possibly but he may be evil but we've not really sure, Carachel figure out where they stand and defeat the Matholych? I didn't think it was one of Patricia C. Wrede's best.