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In the Forests of the Night - Kersten Hamilton Loved it! Teagan, Finn, Aiden, and her father made it out of Mag Mell. Teagan is part goblin. Yeahhh... She's a Stormrider. But Teagan holds on to herself.....before what is Teagan is lost forever. Fear is after Teagan using whatever leverage he can get on her. Her family. Abby. Finn. Teagan knows one thing: whatever happens to her, no one, especially not Fear, is hurting the people she loves. They kinda get chased around by the goblins and such for the first half of the book which could have been a little more interesting but was still actiony. Once they re-enter Mag Mell, things start to pick up again and there is now nary a break in the action. Teagan and Finn are BA. They are fighters, brave, stubborn, willing to do whatever it takes to protect each other and their families. Everything is excellent. Can't wait for the rest of this series!