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The Floating Island - Elizabeth Haydon, Brett Helquist Boring and not worth the time. Bland characters. Not a great plot. I just didn't care about what happened. At all. Ven is a shipmaker's son and a Nain, so even though he is 50 years old he appears to be 13 or there abouts. He is on a ship when it is attacked by pirates. Ship sinks. Ven survives. He is saved by a merrow. Honestly, I would have preferred him kissing her, her dragging him down to the depths of the ocean and them living happily ever after. Alas that is not the way it went at all. Ven is taken aboard another ship and gets dropped off at a port when ghosts, magical boxes, and such come into play. Murphy, the snide talking cat, was my favorite character and he was barely in it.