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Icefall - Matthew J. Kirby It was okay but I didn't feel that it was worth it. I was bored most of the time. I didn't really like the characters. Even the idea was not that interesting. I only picked up the book because of the cover, the title and the fact that I'd read "The Clockwork Three" and thought it was okay, maybe this one would be better. Okay, so they are stuck in the icy glacier,pass thing and waiting for the ice to melt and the ships to return. Meanwhile someone is sabotaging their steading. All righty then. Excitement all around. Solveig is the middle child, mostly forgotten by everyone. She had a best friend but they fell apart and now they're doing better. She has a pet raven and she tells stories even though her father will not approve. Solveig's sister, Asa, is in love with Per and they can't be together because she is the princess and he is not a prince. That's drama right there, folks. The only characters that I liked straight off was Harald, Asa and Solveig's little brother, and Hake, the berserker captain. I won't spoil the ending in case you do end up reading it but I didn't care for "Icefall".
Loved Hake and Solvieg's relationship. That was handled awesomely. The only aspect that I really liked.