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Nightmare Academy - Frank Peretti When an group of twisted misguided individuals bring children together to form an messed up utopian society with no right or wrong, no winning, no losing, everybody "equal", no eitheror, only bothand. Did I mention no right or wrong? Did anyone actually think it would end up all right!? Not I. Elijah and Elisha are brother and sister and when their family goes undercover to try and find out what "Knight-Moore" Academy is, Elijah and Elisha are separated from their parents and taken to Nightmare Academy with no memory of how they got there, where exactly on a map they are, no way to contact their parents, and no way out. Truth is a big part of this book; hence the Veritas Project. Elijah and Elisha believe in God and the existence (duh!) of right and wrong. There is no way that a society could survive the way that is portrayed in the book and I liked that the author tried to show how when government messes with God-given rights and the natural order of things; tries to impose rules that shouldn't be there; lies to people; leads them to believe that things are one way and then does the exact opposite; things are never going to work out. Ever. Interesting and thought provoking. I would recommend this book.