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The Secret Prince - Violet Haberdasher 3 12 stars. The sequel to "Knightley Academy." Still charming and full of schoolboys, mostly Henry, running around trying to prevent a war and still retain good grades. Frankie is up to her usual shenanigans in losing her chaperone and playing cards with the boys. Valmont and Henry form an alliance of sorts and start training most of the other boys in fighting to help prepare them if war should occur. When an envoy is sent to the Nordlands and Henry and Adam pose as servants so they can come along as spies, they run into Frankie, who was trying to run away to the City and accidentally took the wrong train. They are stuck being servants by day and spying at night. When the envoy is leaving and Frankie is going to be left behind, the boys stay behind like gentlemen should to help Frankie. Throw Grandmother Winter, propriety, Professor Havelook, conspiracies, rebellion, bloodlines, secret societies, posh schoolboys, lowly servants, gallows, branding rings, and a kiss into the mix and you have the second installment in the Knightley Academy series. Henry is not actually a prince as that would have been a really bad cliche. And I hate cliches. You find out his lineage though. This book could have done with some editing and more action but over all I am excited to see where Haberdasher (that has to be a pen name, right?) is going to take this series and the characters. Especially with Henry becoming somebody's ward, Adam being pretty much who he always was, Rohan becoming a bit of a letdown, Valmont becoming much more likable and relatable, and Frankie getting sent to finishing school. Boys, I think, would enjoy this series probably more than girls. Good read.