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NERDS: Book Three: The Cheerleaders of Doom - Michael Buckley, Ethen Beavers 2 12 stars. It was okay but lacking and my least favorite of the series. It was boring. I didn't really care for Matilda as a character let alone a main one. I felt like the book focused too much on Matilda's parents not loving each other any more and she's the way she is for attention and they still love her and have seven or eight kids but they can't be together any more. They are separating. What the heck? That Should NOT be the focus of a book especially a MG one. But whatever. My favorite scenes were the ones with ChoppersHeathcliffSimonScrewballBrainstorm in the mental facility and when the Hyena showed up for all of 4 pages. Why can't she have her own book?