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Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett 3 12 stars. My favorite of the Tiffany Aching series. Love the writing. Love the humor. The Feegels. Tiffany. The witches. The cheese, Horace. Tiffany danced The Dance with the Wintersmith and The Summer Lady and while doing so got herself a little mixed up with the Summer Lady. She now has a undetermined amount of the Summer Lady's poweressence and to top it all off; the Wintersmith fancies himself in love with Tiffany. He makes snowflakes and icebergs in the image of her. He asks her to marry him multiple times. He tries to make himself human so that they may be together. He's almost a stalker. So when he whisks her off to his magical palace of ice and she can't get out, the Feegels fetch Roland from his castle, put a sword in his hands, and tell him he must go down to the Underworld, find the Summer Lady and wake her up. They neglect to mention that she will look exactly like Tiffany and that he has to kiss her to wake her up. And things ensue. I was extremely pleasantly surprised as I read past the 34 mark and no sign of confusing plot lines that didn't make sense. I was even more overjoyed when I reached the end of the book and had only run into one Very Slightly Different not Odd scene. Yay!! I would recommend "Wintersmith" more than "The Wee Free Men" and "A Hat Full of Sky".