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The Dark Hills Divide - Patrick Carman Alexa Daley, smart and tiny, the daughter of a mayor. She loves her yearly trips with her father to Bridewell, where he takes care of political and such matters and she tries to find a way outside the 80-feet walls that surround Bridewell and the other cities. The wall separates the wild untamed wilderness from the civilized cities and towns. Spyglasses are banned from the town. People treat curiosity towards the outside world as dangerous and harmful. When a series of events leads Alexa underground and underneath the wall, she finds herself in a very different world. She meets people she probably shouldn't trust, but she does. She gets herself a magic stone that allows her to communicate and understand animals. She thinks that's cool till she realizes that some all the pets that hang around the library that Alexa practically lives in are traitors. She is supposed to look out for a man named Sebastian who, conveniently, could literally be anyone in the entire town. The convicts could overrun the town of Bridewell. And it's up to Alexa and her friends to save it. Little boring and needs more dialogue. I found the whole communicating with animals to be slightly annoying, actually. Just so happy that they were not actual talking animals. That would have been really bad.