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Deadly Pink - Vivian Vande Velde 3 12 stars. Liked the sister's closeness, not that you get to see a whole lot. I didn't feel that Emily had a big enough reason to attempt victual suicide. I also thought that her change was too easy. Grace would disagree but hear me out. Emily pushed her away and refuses to talk to her. Grace makes some deals with sprites that goes wrong. She dies. She comes back. It's frustrating. Then they finally talk. boom! Emily is a repentant loving sister who wants nothing more than to go back home. Excuse me? Too easy. Too unbelievable. Also, when will Rasmussen learn? Give it up. And no more AI!!!!!! It's a bad idea that will only end in tears.

Emily, popular, lots of friends and has a job, suddenly decides she doesn't want to come out of "The Land of Golden Butterflies", the game she is working on at Rasmussen. She refuses to come out knowing the dangers of prolonged usage. She has also modified the game so that it is easier for her.

Grace, the younger less-popular sister, is pulled out of trig to come help deal with this.
Grace volunteers to go into the game and try to convince Emily to come out but Emily wants nothing to do with Grace and keeps having her slavesservants take Grace away. Grace dies more than once attempting to get back to Emily. Evil sprites.
So we do that for a while and then, about half way through the book, Grace catches up to Emily and they finally get to have a talk.
Emily made a mistake by changing her "friend's" scores on the SAT. Then another by changing her boyfriend's. Soon everyone Emily knew wanted in on this. Emily, at some point or another, realized that this was not good and that her friends were scum. But, scared of what authorities and her parents would sayfeeldo about this situation, she locked herself into the game.
Grace convinces her that her family will still love Emily and everything will be fine.
So they try to go back home only to discover that the AI in the game have changed the rules and that they have to complete a task in the game without cheating. Which is all that Emily's done so far. Dragons, greedy sprites, and lots of gold are involved in the task. Also, Emily is half unconscious by this time so that is fun for Grace. They finally find a way out and everyone is happy except the police and the college and a lot of students. But who cares about them?
Not one of VVV's best though still enjoyable.