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So Silver Bright - Lisa Mantchev 2.5 stars. It was okay. 14-ish +.

Bertie, Ariel and Nate: The love triangle of doom. Make up your bloody mind, Bertie! It can't be that hard to say, "I lovelike this one more than the other." but instead she just acts like, "I want you. Or possibly you. Both? No, that doesn't seem quite right. But no lifelong commitment for either of you. She says that she doesn't want marriage or a baby....?yet? Sorry."
I thought that Nate seemed like a better fit for Bertie if I had to choose one of the boys. Honestly I didn't really care for one or the other. Ariel seemed more controlling and he just seemed...wrong. For me, Ariel's departure was good. He will be better off in the sky where he will be happy. Happier than he would be with Bertie.

At times the writing was confusing and jumpy to say the least.

It started to pick up around page 150 or thereabouts. By the time I got to the Queen and her mirror, I was intrigued. I really liked that part of the book. Very interesting and twisty. I did not see some of the timey twists thrown in coming. Total surprise. And, of course, the magical theatre and word-spell were awesome. That aspect of this series is one of the very few features that I truly enjoyed.

For me, the main characters needed a lot of work. Side characters were well done. Plot; so-so. Writing; could have been more coherent in a lot of places. Though it does soundlook pretty.

I love Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, and Peaseblossom. They are fantastic!

Content: Kissing. Mention of birth control though usage of it never came up. Thematic dialogue concerning Bertie, Nate, and Ariel and their relationships and all that that implies. I was pleasantly surprised that nothing actually happened between any of them. There was one scene that could have led there but didn't.