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Wings: A Fairy Tale - E. D. Baker
A young girl with wings, halflings, the Fairy Court, fey, goblins, a dash of danger, a smidgen of excitement, and a hint of romance.

Tam's reaction to having wings grow forth from her back! is something like:

"hmmm.....That's cool.

My reaction would have been:

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MOM! LookatthisitsgrowingfrommybackandithurtsandImconfusedandscaredandwhattheheckgetitoffgetitoff!!! I'm a mutant and Stryker is coming for me!"

Her reaction was kinda unbelievable. Mine is truth in my case. At least until I realized what they were and all the awesome stuff I could do with them.

Also, I have never been in the position of being informed that I was adopted but for some reason I feel that I would not react the way characters do in books. I think I would be hurt that my (adoptive?) parents didn't tell me sooner, depending on when they told me. ( But, in Tam's case, wouldn't you at least guess there was something hinky going on with your parentage when WINGS are sprouting from your back? And your parents most certainly do not have wings. Not a very perceptive child, is she?)I would want to try to contact my biological parents. But I don't think I would pretty much disregard all the years of love and care that my (adoptive?) parents gave to me and shun them. I certainly wouldn't call them by their names. This is just a generalization of what adopted characters do in books. Only some of them are Tam's reaction.

It is an enjoyable read by not by any means in my favorites of E. D. Baker's books. There be a sequel out: Fairy Lies.

Also, how many books series are going to involve Titania andor Oberon and one of their illegitimate andor legitimate children!?. Lesley Livingston's "Wondrous Strange" series did very well with that plot point. "Iron Fey": not so much from what I hear from a reliable source. This is getting old. Enough, I say!