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The Glass Swallow - Julia Golding 3 12 stars. I enjoyed reading this and will probably end up re reading at some point but it was lacking in some respects. I liked characters over all; loved Mikal and Ret. Their fatherdaughter(Mikal and Rain) and brothersister (Ret and Rain) relationships were well done and very nice to read. Rain was good. Peri was too annoying and over protective at times and I just felt like hitting him on the head, yelling,"You don't even know her!You can't tell her what to do. Lay off." And Rain, stubborn and rash, going off to do what she feels is right or that she realizes needs to get done and if no one else, *sniff* in this entire place will do it, she will. I liked her. The plot could have been a little more exciting and there. I liked reading it the whole way through. I was just never thinking,*in Medea's voice* "Oh my Lord, I was so scared..." And I like that sometimes. This could have used some of that. I actually liked that the bandits were just people. Cold and ruthless sometimes, but they were people who wanted a better life. The feminism was just a titch strong in the epilogue. Could have done without that. Another thing, I've noticed that Julia Golding's book that I have read: The Cat Royal series mainly along with this one. The main girls, Cat and Rain, are loved, both romantically by one or possibly two or three(looking at you, Cat) and as platonic friends as well by all the male characters in their books. No one is that likable. I felt it worked better in this than the Cat Royal series. Yay for that! But back to the point, The Glass Swallow is a nice followup companion book to Dragonfly. Recommended to fans of Julia Golding.