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Spirited - Nancy Holder 1.5 stars. A retelling of "Beauty and the Beast." 14+
Took me a while to slog through this. I never got into the book. Didn't care for the characters. Isabella didn't strike me as a BelleBeauty character, which might have thrown off the groove. The whole thing just didn't feel like "Beauty and the Beast" to me at all. Certainly a very different way of telling it. One thing that I liked was that there was absolutely no Insta-love. They actually have to get to know one another before they fall in love. You know, like normal people. Especially since Wusamequin is an Indian "savage" that, along with his tribe, murdered most of all Isabella's soldiers and companions. His family was murdered and he wants revenge on the white skins.
Isabella and Wusamequin's connection was odd. I didn't know too much about the Indian tribes' religionbelief system so I was slightly confused in some parts. The ending was all over the place and rubbish. Mainly Wusamequin's declaration of love which was basically

Wusamequin: I''ll kill all the white men who would may or may not want to tear us apart including but not limited to your friends and people that you beg me not to kill. Love ya, honey.
Mahwah: *sobbing all over the place*
Wusamequin: What did I do?
Me: *head desk*

The New World, Indians, etc. Violence, thematic elements, and implied intimate relationships with a few "vague but not vague enough" scenes.