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The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman 3 12 stars. Very interesting. I enjoyed reading. I loved the hints and objects the author incorporated into the story. The characters were okay but not stellar. Elizabeth works at the New York Circulating Repository. She has the ability to sense magic by smell and a few of the other kids that work there can sense it by sight or touch.The Repository lends out items, pretty much anything you could think of, they have it there. They also house specialty items, such as magical objects straight out of the Grimm Fairytales. And slowly, one by one, the objects from the Grimm Collection aren't so magical anymore. Who is taking themtheir magic? And for what purpose? Magic and mystery abound and keeps you guessing. It could have used a little work, such as better characterization and more well thought out motives behind what the villain(s) did. Recommended, especially for fans of fairytales and mystery.