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The Twin's Daughter - Lauren Baratz-Logsted 1.5 stars.

Whoa, there was a lot of affairs and general weirdness going on this book. Her Aunt Helen and her father. Her Mom and Richard. I would have liked Aunt Helen except for the fact that she was sneaky and having it on with Lucy's father. That is never okay. Ever. And poor poor Lucy. She is always *hearing* (that is so nasty) her parents cheating on one another. Her lame Aunt Helen then is murdered by Lucy's mom and her partner. Her Dad dies of a heart attack. Her Mom and Mommy Dearest's new husband have a kid and eventually get what they deserve and are hung. And Lucy raises her half-sister, Emma, as her and Kit's daughter along side their own daughter, Helen. So freaking glad that that was not my family. I guessed Aunt Helen's affair with Lucy's father. I did not see the whole my Mom is an evil psychopath coming. It didn't make sense that her Mom was like that. There was almost no way for you to guess that. It was just "Well, my mom is clinically insane, knew all along about her identical twin sister, wants to kill EVERYONE, killed Aunt Helen, hated and cheated on my father, and is crazy beyond words. Also, PURE EVIL." Not much reasoning behind her Mom's insanity. Other than she was, understandably, angry about her husband and sister. But even that doesn't explain it because Mom, aka Mrs. Sexton, was way nuts by that time and already cheating on her husband!! What the heck? Rubbish. The writing style was okay. I also expected more and something different than what we got judging from the book flap and the back of the book. I didn't like this book. Not recommended.