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Black Heart of Jamaica (Cat Royal) - Julia Golding *Warning. Spoilers. And this review might be a little erratic*

All right, Cat's in Jamaica. Nice.
There is a revolt from the slaves there.
Oh, look, Billy. Billy? Crap, run!!
He's being...niceish? Odd. (No, Cat, don't fall for it! He's the devil's spawn!? I give up. That's chick's nuts.)
I don't trust him.
Cat's a slave. Fun times. Now she has a disease. Malaria? Ouch.
Billy, stop being nice!
Pedro, why you stay in Jamaica and leave Cat with Billy? Oh, pretty Jamaican girl. Got cha now, bro.
What the heck? Oh, well. Now I wait years for Cat and Billy to cross the ocean back to London.