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Nightspell - Leah Cypess A companion book to Mistwood.

Ghosts and living; intermingling till neither can tell which the other is. Two sisters torn apart years ago; reunited. A dangerous spell.

Twisty and kept me guessing.

Clarisse: she was not what I thought she would be..at all. She was mean and controlling and ruthless and emotionally stunted and yet....I felt a little tiny bit sorry for her. The only person she ever cared for was her brother.... But then she's all like,

" Hell yeah, suckers! I'm off to rule Ghostland!! See ya!"

Only it was more like,

"*stab* I'm dead. Off to rule Ghostland. See you all....later. *evil laughter*"

So I didn't like her. I wanted a awesome redeemed kick butt Clarisse but I was disappointed.

I never really connected with Darri but she wasn't half-bad. I loved her relationship with Callie.

Darri: Let me love you!!

Callie: ...

Darri: Let me love you!!

Callie: I'm dead.

Darri: Oh, you're dead. Hmmmm. Well, that ruins my plan and I am slightly annoyed with you and a little bit creeped out but you are the only reason why I came here and why I spent the last however many years of my life thinking I was a horrible sister and planning ways to get you back so.... we can fix this!

Callie: You must hate me! *runs away*

Darri: Don't you walk away from me! Get over here!

Callie: No. I'll just sit in my corner and sulk.

Darri: Fine. I'll do it myself and then you'll be alive and happy and love me again.

Ghostlanders: .... What idiots. More sherry?

Callie: *sulk*

Darri: See if I care if you don't care. Just see if I don't.

Varis: I have done nothing this entire book and am an entirely worthless character. Haha! Ooooh, pretty lady. *trails pretty (ghost) lady and drinks sherry*

Callie: ...

Darri: Dammit.

So you know...it all turns out.
Bwah hah hah.

So about these:

Varis: Boring and...weak.

Ghostland: I say. What an imaginative name.

Overall, interesting and enjoyable but not a favorite for me.