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The Sweetest Spell - Suzanne Selfors It was okay. I didn't love it nor did I hate it. It was long and could have used some editing.

Story: I love chocolate as much as the next person but the fact that the people in this book acted like it was Magic chocolate rather than chocolate made from magic was odd. I wanted more explanation as to why no one had actually figured out the recipe for chocolate and, instead, were reduced to having their "cow goddess"? grant them the magical power of making chocolate. Explanation, please.


Also, husband market? Really? That's the worst idea I've ever heard.

So once we figured out that Emmeline could make chocolate and that she was going to be a wanted girl for whomever had her in their possession could demand lots of money for the chocolate that she produced, then Emmeline is taken and we spend the nextlast 34 of the book switching from Emmeline's POV; crying over Owen's supposed death, sitting on a log by the sea, escaping her captor, and trying to find the King so that she can sell her services to free her slave father, and Owen's POV; running across the country trying to find Emmeline and getting himself stuck as a slave in the mines. Nice job there buddy.

Characters: Meh. Emmeline was decent but I never really cared about her. We didn't connect. The social pariah until she makes chocolate. Her whole village destroyed. I felt sorry for her but that was about it. She is only slightly more wary about Owen and their relationship than Owen is of her, and that is only before she knows his name. After that, they both are dreaming of having a life together.

Owen is a dairyman's son that quite liked the milkmaids and dallied about with them; toying with some of their emotions without a care in the world. Till he met Emmeline. Then he is entranced by her red hair and beauty and falls in love her.


Owen charges out to find Emmeline when she is taken.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen: Awesome. Love those two.

Mr. Thistle: Poor excuse for a father. Allowed his newborn to be fed to the wolves. Repents for it later ....but Still.

Nan: Die in a hole, please.

Griffin: Stuck up git that thinks the world of himself.

Content: Kissing; though they actually only kiss twice and that's at the very end of the book. Mentions of Owen messing around with the milkmaids and possibly it having on with one of them when he was younger.