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Storybound - Marissa Burt 3.5 stars.

Favorite aspects: Heroics practical, Villainy practical, Snow, Professor Thornhill, atmosphere, friendships, WIs, etc.

The atmosphere of the book, as stated above, was one of my favorite things. The fairytale world, the characters within, and the overlying storyline of the Muses and their books, are all nicely woven together with likable characters throughout, a pinch of humor, a smidgen of suspense, and a hint of things to come.

I absolutely LOVED getting into Snow's head. I am sensing a complex character whose backstory *giggle* I can't wait to delve into.

And Professor Thornhill! More, I say! More!

Una was a lovely main character who I would love more development for.

Peter was also a good character. I would like more on him as well too.

I am a demanding character reader and this could be a book series that, providing I get what I want *cough*backstory*cough*development*cough*, I would be glad to recommend to all. But I require much more development than what we got in this.

I dearly hope that all unanswered plot points get answered in future book(s)? Does anyone know how many books are planned? Quite interested to know.

It was quite enjoyable and fun to read. Lovely MG book for all ages.
Eagerly awaiting the sequel, Story's End.