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13 Secrets - Michelle Harrison 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed this conclusion to the "13 Treasures" series quite a bit. The characters were well done and I loved Rowan especially. The villain was appropriately creepy once heshe appears hell bent on revenge. The plot twist was thought out and, I must say, I didn't see it coming. I wanted more backstory on many things but, alas, was not given it as much as I hoped. But I did find the ending closed with...closure but not enough of it. I would have really appreciated another 50 pages or so but 20-25 would have done the job and been entirely satisfying. Heck, I'll take a spin-off series if that was a possibility.

Rowan and Sparrow's friendship was so sweet. At first I was, "Hey, there's a guy that she used to know. He seems nice."
Then, "OH! They're so cute!"
"The cheek! The cheek!! *sighs* SO sweet."
"It was a LIE! All of it. Why do you do this to me?"
"Oh, it's good."
"He....stayed! Booyah! They could stay friends and be adorable and I'd be cool with that but.....*HEADCANON*...they getting married. In 6 years. I'm calling it."
So yeah. That was good.

Very enjoyable fey series with a slight twist. Recommended.