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Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier Time travel, a strong heroine, a dashing possible love interest, mistaken identity, ghosts and a totally awesome plot. Sounds great, right? Well, a little bit of a letdown from my extremely high expectations. I didn't really like Gwen or Gideon all that much. Which as a character reader, takes my opinion way down. I predicted what I assume what was supposed to be the big reveal. The big reveal didn't really make sense, but with time travel and lots of time to ponder it, I suppose it could make more sense. I've never taken the time to truly analyze it, maybe I will. But I digress. I wanted more explanation for how the special genes passed through the family and did what they did and what exactly all the colors and gems mean. Clearly, the author took time thinking it all out what with the diagrams at the endbeginning of every chapter. I loved looking at those. Aspects of this was extremely awesome. I just wasn't entirely pleased with how it all turned out. I will be reading the sequels because I am still really interested in the plot and the time travel and finding out what it all means and how it came about and to see if my perception changes and whether the characters improve and tons more. I just didn't really like the execution.

Absolutely adore the American paperback cover:

Ruby Red