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The Lilies of the Field - William Edmund Barrett 2.5 stars.

Homer Smith is a black Baptist ex-GI. Carefree and wandering, he doesn't like to be tied down. He roves around and stops in towns, does an odd job here and there and moves on. But when he stumbles on the small town of North Fork he finds something more to stay for; a small group of nuns with a dream: to build a chapel.

Enter Mother Maria Marthe, the Reverend Mother of the order of Catholic German nuns. She has a mission and nothing is going to stand her way; be it financial troubles, lack of support, etc. She has faith in God that the chapel, be it God's Will, will be built. She takes Homer's arrival as a sign from God.

Homer is adverse, at first, to building a chapel all by himself, for no pay. But as he spends more time with the nuns and sees their faith and love for God, their willingness to sacrifice so that this chapel can be built, and their trust and friendship with Homer, he finds something worth working towards.

The chapel becomes Homer's goal. He wants to make it all by himself. He practically refuses to let the local townspeople help.

Though Homer and the nuns are different in personalities and faith, they share a common goal which brings them together.

As far as books read for school go, this was pretty good. And very short.