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Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones 2.5 stars.

It was all right. Definitely not DWJ's best. It had an decent plot that could have been played with more. There was very little action. It started to pick up a bit towards the end but ultimately never held my interest.

It was told from 3rd person POV but I found Aiden and Andrew's back-and-forth POV very disorienting probably because their voices were not terribly distinct.

I felt that Andrew and Stashe's romance was rushed but I ended up liking Stashe's character quite a bit.

I didn't see the OberonTitaniafey world in general coming.

Magic, counterparts, field-of-cares, glass, an absent minded professor, a young boy, a beautiful secretary, two rather controlling servants, were-dogs, bouncy castles, and enormous vegetables.

Favorite parts: When Andrew uses the field-of-care magic.

The "Doctor Who" reference.

And the young girl who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Best Bunch of Wildflowers for a truly impressive bunch of dandelions.

Content: Brief language (hell, damn, bitch,) and mild sensuality.