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The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets - Nancy Springer 2.5 stars.

*some spoilers ahead*

I enjoyed this one more than The Case of the Left-Handed Lady.

Enola is quite a resourceful little thing. Smart and kind, brave and caring; she's a lovely main character for readers to root for.

But I am starting to become truly frustrated with Enola's mother. She needs to step up her act and be a mother for Enola. All this wishy-washy crap must end. And soon.

"Oh, I'll communicate with you but rarely. I'll never let you know where I am, why I left you, or what THE HELL is going on. I'll just be a poor excuse for a mother for the remainder of this series till the last book when you find me and everything becomes clear and it turns out I didn't even leave you for a excusable reason. You'll do FINE by yourself till then. Love ya, darling. "

Also, can we please stop bringing up the fact that Enola spelled backwards is alone, that Enola's mum said she would be fine without her, and a ton of other stuff that is brought up several times in every single book? Trust me, we KNOW.


So anyway, the case was different in that the perpetrator was a crazy person with a credible mental disorder that also included cross-dressing and a personal vendetta against Watson.

Watson played a slightly bigger part as he was the missing person Enola is attempting to locate.

Overall, a enjoyable mystery read esp. for MG readers.