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Dragon's Egg - Sarah L. Thomson 2.5 stars.

Mella is a keeper. She tends to the small herd of dragons that her family keeps, like goats and chickens, in the pen. Most people aren't tolerated by the dragons but Mella is special. Like her Grandmother before her, she is a "keeper" and that means that the dragons not only tolerate her, they love her.

The "farm dragons" were the best and cutest aspect of this book. They reminded me of Toothless from the movie shrunk to the size of Toothless in the books. They purr loudly and wish to be pet, like kittens. Like fluffy adorable kittens. It's safe to say that I want a dragon.

When Mella runs across a rather interesting looking stone in the forest and then runs across a dying dragon, who makes her promise to get the Egg to the Hatching Grounds, Mella is a little overwhelmed. But, not letting that stop her, she sets off to get the Egg where it needs to be, accompanied by Roger, a knight's squire.

Adventure ensues and the two of them form a close friendship. Dragons(the big kind), treaties, armies, a king, and a hatchling.

There was one thing that was rather predictable, We all knew Roger was the prince. but it's a possibility that young MG readers might not pick up on the hints.

It is an easy, light read. Nothing objectionable.