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Dragonswood - Janet Lee Carey
I liked this loads more than Dragon's Keep. It was so much better. This is my review of Dragon's Keep.

I legitimately liked Tess. She was a good character that I could empathize with.

The story was far more interesting than in the first book. Characters developed and likable, plot that actually made sense...

One of my only complaints was that I was so happy when Garth showed up and it appeared that he was just a regular guy. Well, about two chapters later, I thought that maybe that was too easy.. I mean, what seemingly regular woodsman is ever really just normal and not related to royalty in any way? None of them apparently. Why must every single love interest be a freaking prince!? I would prefer if they weren't. Princes have become commonplace and a dime a dozen. The guys are the appeal. They don't have to be princes...

So Tess was abused by her father growing up and it makes her distrustful of all men. When she meets Garth, she is extremely wary. But he treats her with respect and is very kind. Their romance is sweet and takes it's time. Nothing was terribly rushed.

I thought that the whole FairyHumanDragon blood thing was slightly odd and more than a little against the laws of nature... but I rolled with it.

Overall, I would recommend this one. Pretty good.