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The Dragon of Trelian - Michelle Knudsen I liked it and am very looking forward to the sequel, "The Princess of Trelian." The characters were well done. They were not cookie-cutter characters. They had their own flaws, fears, problems, and duties. I liked how Calen was not the typical fearless male protagonist. Meg seemed to have a little more "drive", as it were, but not overly so.
Also, oftentimes, one character has more development than the other and while there was a little more leaning towards Meg, it was pretty evenly proportioned. Yay! Their friendship is absolutely wonderful and, oh me gosh, they are so freaking sweetcute together......... Even if it is just platonic, it's still adorable.

*Short Summery*

Meg decides that she can trust Calen, a mage's apprentice she pretty much just met,(She can't believe herself so that was believable) with the secret that she found a baby dragon and has been taking care of it on the DL from her royal family who, most likely, wouldn't be too pleased about Meg dressing up as a servant and sneaking out of the castle.

Calen, understandably, is a wee bit surprised but agrees to keep the secret and help Meg out.

Meg's older sister, Maerlie, is getting married and preparations are underway. The groom's family and court are there for the up-coming wedding that will bridge the gap between Trelian and Kragnir after years of bad blood and will.

Calen realizes after researching much information on dragons that Meg got herself linked with the dragon, Jakl. So they can share strength, feeling, almost-thoughts, etc. Also, oh so conveniently, if one of them dies, the other one does too.

Calen: If you die, Jakl dies. If Jakl dies, you die.
Meg: Well, how.......helpful. *turns to Jakl* Stay in this cave and do nothing. Nothing!
Jakl: *snores*
Meg: Yes, Jakl, stay just like that.
Jakl: *wakes up and waddles outside*
Meg: I'm dead.

But then Meg and Calen overhear some previously trusted people talking....treason! Maerlie, her future husband, and anyone in the way will be killed on the wedding night for a purpose involving death and planes of existence normally un-accessible, family and a vague !Super Villain! in the background whose motives are questionable as we have no clue what they are. My awesome guess: We'll see himit in the sequel.

(The motives for SE were a little *cough* cliche; clearly setting up the villain for the sequel)

Meg and Calen almost die but end up transported to very far far away. It takes them a little while to figure out a way to channel Jakl and get him to come pick them up and take them back to Trelian.

Calen is a awesome mage and so much better at magic than his master thought. In fact, Calen is super special and can do things that was previously unheard of. *giggles*

They get back and have to find a way to stop the evil villain(s); one of whom Meg would like nothing more than to have die slowly and painfully. Six guesses why. And the first five don't count.

The ending was slightly anti-climatic but not too bad.
Again, pretty darn excited for that sequel which I know for a fact my sister has somewhere in her room. Must devise a way to extract and read.