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Unlocking the Spell - E.D. Baker 3.5 stars.

Cute and fun sequel to The Wide-Awake Princess.

Annie, Liam, Beldegard, and a stowaway Gwendolyn set off on a quest to find the dwarf that enchantedcursed Beldegard and get him to break the spell.

Nothing too serious.
Plenty of random fairytales thrown in for a cameo appearance.

The one thing that truly bothered me was Liam. His "cold shoulder" that he turned on Annie a third of the way through the book had NO motivation. He just didn't like showing PDA. Okay, fine. Tell that to Annie so she isn't freaking out that you no longer like her. And, anyway, is that really a reason to avoid touchingtalking her? like the plague I think not.

The ending could be a ending for the series satisfactorily.