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Museum of Thieves (The Keepers, #1) - Lian Tanner, Claudia  Black
I picked this up merely for the fact that Claudia Black, who starred in some TV shows favorites such as "Stargate SG-1" and "Farscape", was the reader. She's got a Britishy accent and did the individual voices quite well.

The book itself had some issues...

The writing felt rather stilted in some sections.

The plot was all right but nothing special as of yet.

Characters have been bland and cookie-cutter so far. (Though their actual voices have not.)

So le story...

The Blessed Guardians are the tyrannical overlordsladies of the land; promising to keep the people safe by imposing silly rules such as the children being chained to their parents or a Blessed Guardian at all times until they are 12 years old, though it used to be 16.
So yeah, life pretty much sucks. The people live in fear of upsetting the Blessed Guardians and getting punished for something stupid; like being impatient or talking out of turn.

Golden, Goldie for short, Roth lives in the city of Jewel. When her long awaited Separation Day finally arrives and she is going to be free of the chains that bind her, she's pretty excited. Though she doesn't show it as much you might think...

But then it is to be postponed until a later date and Goldie takes matters into her own hands, cutting the ceremonial ribbon that they switched for the chains and running off, with no idea of how to live without someone by her side constantly...

All righty, I never finished this book. I just wanted to hear Claudia Black's voice. The book itself was so lacking and never once made me want to continue it.