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Magic Under Stone (Magic Under, #2) - Jaclyn Dolamore 2.5 stars.

I really felt that this book focused a lot on Ifra.

I loved Ifra's character. I did. He is a jinn who is taught never to feel or get emotionally involved in anything. He is obliged to obey any command given by his master. He never wants to do any of those things. He is hurt by everything he's been forced to do. There are two parts of him: the side that has no choice but to carry out the commands and the side that wants nothing more than to repair the damage he's done.

I love how, even though he can't actually change what he has to do, he feels for these people that he has hurt and tries to help them in ways they don't quite understand. He sends letters with information concerning their loved ones or the resistance. They can't fathom how someone who kills people and ruins people's lives can turn around and be so sorry. But he is. And I loved him.

I also loved how even though he loves Violet; he tells her off when she's being a spoiled brat. He knows she needs to grow up. He knows that she could be a good woman and queen. But she has to mature and grow up.

Violet annoyed me. I wanted to like her and what little I did like her was mostly because of Ifra.
And I suppose I realized that her life kinda sucked. She had virtually no family. She was spoiled and never told what was wrong or right. She just wanted somebody to love her and she wanted to love in return. She rather latched on to Ifra, which was slightly frustrating at first but.... But I fully believe that, with time, they will be good for each other.

I thought that they kissed a little too much but whatevs. Not a huge deal.

I would pay money for a book about Ifra or the jinns.
Maybe baby Ifra? His earlier masters? But then again, I'd love to see him deal with Violet and be serving Erris as a free man and have this series of events be not so far in the future. Or past, I suppose.

Nim seemed extremely one minded. She wanted to get Erris back which, while understandable, didn't leave much room for her worrying about the kingdom or Ifra or Violet or anyone else. That was a bad thing. No one should be so focused on something/someone that they don't seem to care about other things/people. Bad Nim.

Also, wisen up Nim!! Just stop writing Hollin, okay?

Nim seemed different. She wasn't quite as caring and she just felt a little out of true.

Erris was a little mopy and moody at times. I still liked him but...not as much? He seemed a little different, like Nim, esp at the end. Not quite sure what was going on there.

Loved (I'll find their names)

I really liked that Belin, while misguided and never the nicest person, did the right thing in the end.

It really started to feel rushed at the end. Moving too quickly.
But it's a happy ending and satisfactory if there is to be no more books in the series.