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How to Train Your Dragon - Cressida Cowell 2.5 stars.

After watching the hilarious Dreamworks movie, How To Train Your Dragon, I thought I should check out the books it was based off. And let me tell you, they are vastly different. Not only the plotstoryline, but the characters themselves are quite different, most of all Toothless, whom I absolutely adored in the movie.

My view of the books was probably quite coloured by my love for the movie, thus my enjoyment of the books was far less than curling up with a fluffy blanket and watching the film, either with my family or by myself.

Toothless is, by far, the most different. He is not only pocket sized but he talks! Or, at least, communicates with Hiccup. And to top that off, he's a tiny brat. And though Toothless being pocket sized makes him look pretty adorable at times, can that Toothless really beat this one??




Somehow, I think not.

I can appreciate the fact that these books came first but I much rather like the movie.