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The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan 4.5 stars.

YES!! My cute baby seal is BACK!

I was jumping and screaming and doing many fan-girl things when I was staring at the cover in my hands. Once I opened the book and started reading...well, I might have sorta quieted down but my head was still yelling happy things.

I wanted more Percy.
More, more, more. Percy, Percy, Percy. Baby seals for everyone!!
I know, I know. Selfish, obsessive me...
But I'm not sorry and never going to change.

There were some fully awesome takedown scenes by Percy that I adored and read several times over.

I did come to like Hazel...a bit. She wasn't bad and her backstory was definitely something that I could get into. Very interesting. Can't wait to see where that goes.
If only for her ties with Nico. I fully expect to see lovely brothersister awesomeness in the future. Riordan better not disappoint.

Frank was okay. I have nothing to say about him. He was very "meh".

I cannot wait for The Mark of Athena this fall where Annabeth gets a narration! It's about time!