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Touching Darkness - Scott Westerfeld 2.5 stars.

Main annoyances: Why does everyone treat Melissa like crap? They call her a bitch behind her back and act like she's so high and mighty. I didn't really see that. I mean, sure, she's not the easiest person to get along with, she's a little standoffish, and she can be snarky. She's not a fan of touching anyone ever. But why? Because she hears the thoughts of not just herself but everyone. If she touches someone, it's intimate and invasive for both of them because she is privy to all their thoughts and their mind gets slightly squiggled. But ultimately she gets the worst part. She has to live with that her entire life with every single person she happens to touch, accidentally or otherwise.
Whoever she touches shares in a fraction of her pain and misery for a couple seconds and suddenly they deserve to be treated like royalty. Oh, but she's a bitch. That makes no sense. I really wish they would rectify that.

Also, everyone acts like Melissa is crazier than a bag full of cats. Again, I never saw that. She's not crazy.

Why was Rex JEALOUS when somebody touched Melissa? Maybe he's trying to protect her since he's really the only one she can call a "friend". But then why is he jealous? Wouldn't he just be angry at the others?
But I suppose that the jealously stems from him wanting to be the only one with whom Melissa shared such an intimate thing.....

The language was vamped up in this one more so than the last. Not sure why. I found some of the usages to be rather distasteful.

Not sure how I feel about Rex and his story. Where is that going? Will he be all right? Is he the same person (mostly)?

Things I liked: I really started to like Melissa. Everyone treats her like dirt. She's misunderstood and, in many ways, alone. She has Rex, whom I disliked, to understand and be there for her though.

I am really liking the fact that since Madeleine is also a mindcaster and knows all the secrets for that ability and otherwise, and since she taught them to Melissa, Melissa is now coming to control her ability and it doesn't bother her as much and she can touch some people now without quite the same consequences.

I liked, but was slightly confused at times, by Dess' trigger words: Ada and Lovelace. That whole plot point was interesting but occasionally hard to keep up with. Maybe it was just me.

Overall, this one felt like it dragged more than the last one. Dess runs around doing math and trying to hidekeep thoughts from Melissa. She finds another Midnighter, who's been hiding out in Bixby for 49 years. Other Midnighter, Madeline, helps Melissa control ability. Jessica and Johnathan do almost nothing. Jessica whines and is clingy. Rex becomes part darkling. Melissa and Rex kiss. Exciting stuff, folks.

I don't know. Interesting concept but the characters and how it plays out is just not for me. But I've come this far....