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Blue Noon - Scott Westerfeld
My mood:


The characters:

Um, what? Okay, so mostly I just wanted to smack them. For the most part, they're stupid(Dess is smart but makes stupid decisions) annoying, frustrating, treat each other like crap, whiney. ARRRGGH. I got no enjoyment from reading about them.

Johnathan freaked me out. Seriously? You think that the blue time expanding and the darklings rampaging around, killing people, would be a good thing? All so that you can fly around all the time? JERK.

The cover:

Is that supposed to be Rex? I can only assume. He would make the most sense...except for the fact that he has virtually no hair now. Great job, design artists.

The plot:

Confusing as all get out. Nothing makes any sense. We still got no answers about the darklings, origins, etc.

WHY BIXBY!!?? Why on earth was that town chosen? Who chose it?

The ending:

Wow. Jessica is stuck in the blue hour. Dess and Rex are staying in Bixby. Melissa, Johnathan, and Jessica are leaving town to go find other Midnighters. The darklings are pretty much defeated. And Rex is half darkling.
What about their families?
That's not a satisfying ending, Westerfeld!

How can I love Leviathan series so much and be so indifferent/dislike (about) this series?
I don't know, but it appears that Westerfeld improves as he writes.....



So...so long, "Midnighters"! It's been real.