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Saving Juliet - Suzanne Selfors
Well, it wasn't bad. But I didn't particularly like it.

I guess Mimi annoyed me a bit too much. She wasn't bad. I guess. But her thought process ( Yes, I'm over dramatizing a bit) is something like this:

"Oh, life sucks. I hate acting. I wanna be a doctor. But I can't stand the sight of blood. What a dilemma. Troy's a jerk. He's always got a lady around him. But he's Romeo and so we kiss in the play and I kinda like it. But he made fun of me not being able to kiss.....
Wow. I'm in Romeo and Juliet. That's weird. Ooooh, hot dude.... Yeah, she gets a bit of a rude awaking from that infatuation when he tries to force himself on her...I felt sorry for her and she definitely wasn't asking for it and he was a scum bag, but she could have been a little smarter about it. Just saying. Oooh, there's the real Romeo. He's a cutie. And so gloomy. Oooh, there's the actual Juliet!! She's such a sweetheart. I can't let her die. I will save her. Ooooh, Troy. He's here too!? Look at him, all manly and hot. *slaps herself* No, I don't want Troy. He's selfish and has an ego the size of this hamlet and he's rich and hot. I kinda like him.

Gotta save Juliet. Gotta save Romeo. Om la. Troy. Om la. Troy. Gotta save both Juliet and Romeo.

Hey, look!! We're back!

Where's Troy?

Oh my gosh! IS HE DEAD?

Nope. He's alive.

Hey, my mom's suddenly not as mean anymore! I can go to college like I always wanted and she'll stop stealing my money. What a magical day?!"

The End.


Well, another thing is that the whole "Hey, we're in Romeo and Juliet. No, wait, we're not cause it's different and nobody speaks like they should be speaking" was ever explained for my satisfaction.

So it was interesting. Sometimes cute. Sometimes annoying. But ultimately worth a pass.