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Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George Excited!!


Now that's what I call quality shipping....

It's so pretty. And, holla! It's longer than the other two.


3.5 stars.

I liked it a lot. Not as much as [b:Princess of the Midnight Ball|3697927|Princess of the Midnight Ball (Princess #1)|Jessica Day George|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312063284s/3697927.jpg|3741438] but more so than [b:Princess of Glass|7199667|Princess of Glass (Princess #2)|Jessica Day George|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312040456s/7199667.jpg|7867989].

Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, AND The Twelve Dancing Princesses?! EEP.

Cover: They match! They match!! *does dance of joy* They are so pretty....

Story: I was slightly confused at times. It was choppy and there were too many things being thrown at you at once.


Petunia: I must say I rather loved her. She was smart. Brave. Not nearly as sassy as Poppy. *boo* She carries a pistol and matches with her wherever she goes. Good friends with awesome brothers-in-law, Galen and Heinrich. (I'm sorry, who wouldn't love those two?) She is willing to sacrifice a lot for family and those she cares about.

I really found one aspect of her character fascinating. The fact that she was so little when she was cursed. That was all she'd ever known. Dancing and dancing every night. Her sisters being slowly torn apart by the curse. But Pet was so small. That was her life. When the curse was broken, she didn't shun dancing. She didn't quite understand what had happened nor what was going on. So she ended up, I felt, quite different from her sisters.

Oliver: You didn't quite live up to Galen standards but close. Close.

Oliver is an earl. Or was. Before the war and the witchcraft accusations being thrown around and his earldom getting ripped away and handed off to others. Gregori and the "Grandmother". I think that's how it goes.... It was rather confusing. But that could have been just the effects of the unholy hours of the morning. *slaps myself* Bad Elevetha.

He is a Wolf of the Wolves of Westfalin Woods. (bwah hah hah) And, while robbing (ROBIN HOOD, BABY!!) Petunia's carriage, he has a pistol aimed at his head. What a way to meet your future love interest. She's petite and has a pistol she isn't afraid to use. He should be scared. Well, shenanigans ensue and he ends up abducting her. And taking her home to meet Mother.

Mother: Oliver, darling. You poor sweet thing. Be a good boy and escort her to where she was going originally.

Oliver: *confused*

Petunia: *equally confused*

Mother: I knew your mother, dear.

Petunia and Oliver: Oooh. Gotcha now.


The King Under Stone is back. Well, one of his sons has ascended the throne and is out to fetch him and his brothers some brides.

And Petunia, being a sweet dear willing to do most anything for family and wishing to be rid of this curse hanging over their family once and for all, ventures into the Kingdom Under Stone....

This one ties back an awful lot to [b:Princess of the Midnight Ball|3697927|Princess of the Midnight Ball (Princess #1)|Jessica Day George|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312063284s/3697927.jpg|3741438]. Quite a lot of the same ideas floating around but, even though it was slightly repetitive, I didn't mind so much.

Also, the fact that none of the girls could have children because of the curse placed on their mother by King Under Stone was heartbreaking. I felt so sad for Rose and Lily esp.

And poor Jonquil! She did not fare well in the years between the first book and this one. Broken inside, the poor dear.

I LOVED that ending! Not as much as for what we got on Oliver and Petunia, but what we got on some of the others characters. Lily and Rose are EXPECTING!!!!! There was much squeeing on my part when that was revealed.

And Galen and Rose are knitting baby blankets and cocoons! So adorable.

A wholly enjoyable, wonderfully satisfying book and ending to a great fairytale series.

Highly recommended.