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The Case of the Gypsy Good-bye - Nancy Springer
2.5 stars.

Okay. Um. Good story. Cute MG mystery.

I still love the dynamic between Enola, Sherlock, and now, Mycroft. I love siblings and these three, once they aren't running away from one another and/or threatening to ship Enola off to "finishing school", they are really rather cute.

But their stupid annoying mother!

I couldn't take it. I wanted someone to track her down and Gibb smack her.

Oh, wait. She's dead. Probably for the best.

She was a sorry excuse, not only for a mother and wife, but as a human being. She basically admits that she shouldn't have ever gotten married, had kids, or anything like that. Okaaaay. FINE. You wanted to be a Gypsy and your life would have been happier that way. I'm very sorry that you didn't do what you wanted to do with your life. But then to just disappear with no explanation, extremely limited communication, and not even a decent reason, when you finally get around to letting your kids know what was going on in your crazy-as-a-bag-full-of-cats mind, for ABANDONING your child!! Gah! Ridiculous. Most displeased where that storyline went.

So, it was a cute mystery series with some rather frustrating characters and elements.

Worth a read but it's nothing terribly special.