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The Time Thief (Gideon Trilogy) - Linda Buckley-Archer Also called "The Tar Man."

Loved it! At the end of the first book, Kate returns to her time, The Tar Man hitches a ride with her, and Peter gets accidentally left behind in 1763. When Kate and Dr. Dyer return to rescue Peter, a wrong button on the machine was pushed and they end up in 1793. Meanwhile, the Tar Man is having lots of fun wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting twenty first century.

In many ways, this is my favorite of the series.

The writing is amazing and the characters so well written!

The Tar Man and Gideon easily became my favorites.

Peter and Kate have such a wonderful friendship that is often hard to find these days.

Brilliant! A must read!

Fan Mix

1. Slow Me Down (Emmy Rossum) - Kate’s Theme
2. Pale (Within Temptation) - Kate
3. Broken (Lifehouse) - Peter (esp. in The Time Thief)
4. Collide (Howie Day) - Kate & Peter
5. The Way It Ends (Landon Pigg) - The Friends
6. Iridescent (Linkin Park) - Peter & Kate
7. Hold (Superchick) - Kate
8. Blink (Revive) - Peter’s Theme
9. Dare You to Move (Switchfoot) - the Friends
10. Crystallized Beauty (Philip Glass?) - Kate’s Theme 2
11. Wait it Out(Imogen Heap) - Kate's POV