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Sent - Margaret Peterson Haddix
I liked [b:Sent|3899465|Sent (The Missing, #2)|Margaret Peterson Haddix|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348130501s/3899465.jpg|3944773] better than [b:Found|1675216|Found (The Missing, #1)|Margaret Peterson Haddix|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348121961s/1675216.jpg|3316094]. It was far more interesting, kept me engaged. I didn't want to smack the characters as hard nor as often.

When Chip, Jonah, Alex, and Katherine are sent back in time to the 15th century, their ideas of their lives and their worlds are turned upside down. Chip is Edward V and Alex is his brother, Richard, Duke of York. Their uncle, Richard III, is vying for the crown and is determined to become king, even at the price of his nephew's lives.

The kids do rather well for themselves, with some help from the future, in saving their lives and the fate of Richard III.

I found the part where Chip is stuck in his persona as Edward and Katherine is the only one who can get "Chip" to come back rather silly. All because she wants him to be her boyfriend. Tween love. Arrrgh.

I really liked the historical aspect of this one. That and the time travel (though some very vague science behind it) made [b:Sent|3899465|Sent (The Missing, #2)|Margaret Peterson Haddix|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348130501s/3899465.jpg|3944773] worth a read.

Pretty interested to see what Andrea's story is.